Building a Blog: Buying a Domain Name

The Building-a-Blog series discusses the steps that I am taking and have taken in establishing a blog from the ground up.  While there are many other more established forums discussing how to build blogs, my forum will allow you to follow this blog as it unfolds.  Hopefully, you will be able to learn from me and will have input of your own to add to the discussion. 

When beginning a new blog, it can often be hard to get started.  The appropriate steps one should take to build a new blog will depend a lot upon your purpose for the blog.  Many bloggers merely desire a social outlet in which to discuss, to their heart’s content, daily activities and personal thoughts and feelings.  If the blogger’s aim is purely social and the blog is the means to an end of expression and discussion, it is probably sufficient for the blogger to build his or her blog on a free blog host such as or Google’s  Another free blog host is  I previously hosted a social blog at Xanga.  It was a place where I could talk about my personal thoughts and feelings. 

Now that I have larger aspirations for this blog, I have been thinking lately about purchasing a domain name.  I am still very new at this.  This blog is only a few weeks old.  I enjoy writing about the things that I write about on here that are not so personal.  Specifically, I enjoy writing a little bit about business, technology, relationships, and self-development.  I enjoy creating new forums of interest and hope to spur discussion of these and other topics through comments and emails from readers.  Currently, I am focused not only on the writing of content for this site, but also on the marketing for increased visualization of this website.  It is the latter that has now got me thinking about purchasing a domain name. 

Bloggers that aim to grow their websites for business and monetization should really think about purchasing a domain name.  I found this great video wherein Trish Jones urges anyone that is serious about starting a blog for business or other monetization purposes to own their own blog by purchasing a domain name and a hosting account.  She warns that free blogspots such as  and Blogger often have restrictions in their free host terms and conditions.  If a blogger violates a term, for example, the host has the discretion to delete your blog.  Some of the restrictions include prohibitions on paid advertisements.  She explains that if the host discovers that a blogger has installed an ad application such as Adsense by Google, and it is against the company’s policy, the blog could be taken down and the blogger would have no further recourse.  Scary.

Considering my own goals for this website, I have decided to purchase a domain name.  Based on some of the research I have done lately, it is apparent that registering with a smaller domain registrar like is a much cheaper option than purchasing from some of the larger registrars like  You can use the directory of registrars accredited by ICANN, the oversight organization for Internet-related tasks such as registration of names and numbers, to make the search for a registrar even easier. 

Buying a domain name will allow me to take early ownership of the name of this blog.  It will also allow me to build a reputation associated with the new domain name now and avoid having to transition to another name later on.   

If you have a blog with a domain name, what was your experience in establishing and purchasing the name?








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4 responses to “Building a Blog: Buying a Domain Name

  1. nice step to start blogging… but you need doing some marketing to start receive visitor to your blog..

    • suprieta

      Thanks Free Forum Directory – I actually have small but steady traffic. It’d be nice if people left a little feedback but I am happy to get the traffic. I do market the blog, but I am just starting so it will take time. Thanks for your feedback!

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