Building a Home Office

As I prepare for my move to Mississippi to join my husband at our next duty station, I sought and have now obtained the opportunity to stay on with my firm and will be working remotely from home in Mississippi.  I am a business consultant in telecommunications and the nature of my business will make it relatively easy for me to make a transition to Mississippi and continue to perform the duties of my work.  I am eager to make this transition and will be making preparations for this change over the next few months.  Although I will maintain employment with my firm in one form or another, I will need to set up a home office and manage my consulting practice out of that office the same way that I have done out of our headquarters for the past five years.  Except now, I will be conducting my own branch of our offices and will need to govern the business of my office with same professionalism that I would apply if I were in business for myself.  

As I make this transition, I will discuss my experiences with setting up a remote home office.  I will discuss the resources I use and the process of establishing a functional home office environment.

In the meantime, you can find additional information about setting up a home office from these links:

Seven Rules in Setting Up Your Home Office

How Setting Up a Home Office Works

Setting Up an IRS Compliant Home Office

Setting Up Your Home Office – YouTube Video

If you have ever set up a remote home office, I’d like to hear your stories.  What did you do to set up your office?  What has been your experience with working remotely?  Please share your comments in the comment section.   



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