My RSS Feed Icon is Back… and Better! Please Subscribe!


Big Ass Feed Icon by dannysullivan

Big Ass Feed Icon by dannysullivan


Now you can subscribe to Aspire to Grace by reader, such as with Google reader, or by email.  A couple of weeks ago, I lost my RSS Feed icon – the little orange icon with the white stripes on the right sidebar.  For those that may be new to the blogging environment, the RSS Feed allows a reader to subscribe to the website to receive new content as the site is updated.

When I first lost the icon, I had no idea how to get it back.  I was trying to add the archives, which are now part of the sidebar, but the RSS feed icon disappeared.  I played with a couple of different things in my wordpress dashboard, but nothing worked.  I figured I’d have to research it a little, so I just put a note on the sidebar asking you to bear with me while I educated myself and learned how to get it back.  Here’s what I did:

I first went to a WordPress forum to get instructions on how to bring the RSS icon back.  One forum recommended going through Google’s FeedBurner.  Once there, FeedBurner walked me through burning and then activating my feed to enable subscriptions to Aspire to Grace. 

To burn your feed, FeedBurner asks you to identify your blog.  Then, it asks you to identify your feed URL.  At that point, I mistakenly entered my blog URL, which is  Although FeedBurner indicates that it can automatically derive your feed URL from your blog address, it didn’t in my case.  It said that it could not verify my URL.  So, I did a quick search on Google and discovered that you create your feed URL by using your blog URL with ‘RSS.xml’ at the end.  Once I modified the URL with the RSS.xml at the end, FeedBurner validated this feed URL and activated the feed. 

Once the feed was activated, I then needed to make the RSS icon appear on my page.  I used FeedBurner’s Publicity Tools – Chicklet Chooser to select the RSS icon that I wanted to display.  It is the orange icon in the upper right hand corner of the sidebar.  Once chosen, I was given HTML code to select, copy and paste onto my WordPress blog site. 

Back at WordPress, I opened the widgets option under Appearance on my Dashboard.  From there, I selected the text widget and pasted the HTML code into the text widget, gave it a name, i.e. Subscribe by Reader and saved the changes.  That wrote into the site what you are seeing to the right – the orange icon, “Subscribe by Reader” and the hyperlink to the feed. 

With the Publicity Tools on FeedBurner, there is also an Email Subscription link code that you can place on your site through the same text widget.  I placed a the “Subscribe by Email” option directly under the “Subscribe by Reader” option. 

I am quite relieved to have my RSS icon back.  I only hope that you will now subscribe to receive updates from this site.  Please also share comments or questions in the comments section.  

On TECHY TUESDAYSI host a forum to discuss various technologies and applications. 

The Building a Blog series discusses the steps that I am taking and have taken in establishing a blog from the ground up.  While there are many other more established forums discussing how to build blogs, my forum will allow you to follow this blog as it unfolds.  Hopefully, you will be able to learn from me and will have input of your own to add to the discussion. 




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