Survey and Roll Call


Please help me develop some of the topics that I am interested in writing about next week.  If you have any additional questions that you’d like answered, please let me know that as well. 

·      What could you do to prepare yourself for unemployment? What are some productive ways to utilize your time in the event of unemployment?

·      For those who use Reddit, why do links from Reddit disappear after you submit them? Do they screen the links submitted?

·      Do you use deodorant that contains aluminum?  Have you tried breast cancer awareness deodorants that don’t contain aluminum? Would you use baking soda as deodorant?

Roll Call

Here are a few of the more interesting things that I stumbled upon this week… no pun intended:

Madison DuPaix writes about Getting Started in Real Estate Investing.  She talks about her own experience with finding a rental property for investment.  I liked this post because she shares tips from her readers. Good stuff.  This topic also interests me as I prepare to covert our property to a rental investment property.

Cory H. over at A Good Husband writes I’m Too Busy for My Spouse! What Do I Do?  This post is about constructive things that a couple can do to address a situation where one spouse’s schedule is putting a strain on the relationship.  Good tips for a girl that before long will be welcoming her husband home from deployment.  I will look for constructive ways to meet my goals and commitments while scaling back the busy life I create for myself while he’s gone.

Darren Rowse over at TwiTip tells you How to Follow A LOT of People on Twitter and Still Be Engaging Using TweetDeck.  In the post, he features a video by Jesse Newhart demonstrating different ways to use TweetDeck.  I have only just begun to use Twitter.  I am only following 7 people. But, you have to start somewhere.  I am going to look into getting TweetDeck so I can feel less overwhelmed when trying to sort out the conversations on Twitter. 

Please share any comments or questions in the comments section.  If you like what you see here, please subscribe to receive updates from Aspire to Grace whenever there’s new content to read.  



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5 responses to “Survey and Roll Call

  1. You should post a link to your Twitter profile on that page. A little self promotion never hurt anyone.

  2. Tamika

    I use baking soda instead of deodorant and it has proved to be very effective. The only drawback I’ve noticed is when I have an itch in that area, scratching may cause burning due to the salt in the baking soda.

    • suprieta

      @ Tamika – I plan to try the baking soda idea, thanks for suggesting it! I will write about it once I’ve tried it.

  3. Gabe Parrilla

    Please experiment while I’m far away… I don’t want to faint when I get home 😉

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