Baking Soda – the Natural Deodorizer

Is it worth it to find natural alternatives to deodorants and other hygienic products?  When my girlfriend told me that she’d started using baking soda as a replacement for deodorant, I was immediately interested.  I’m not necessarily into natural products.  But, deodorants have always been tricky for me. 

For most of the time that I have been wearing deodorant products, I have used the more well-known brands such as Secret and Arrid.  These products kept me dry and fresh for several years… until they didn’t.  A few years ago, I realized that I could only use a deodorant for several months before it would become ineffective and I’d have to move on to another brand.  Somehow, my body would become acclimated to a particular brand and once I started using a new brand I was ok for the next several months.

A couple of years ago, I became aware of an ever-increasing school of thought about the toxicity of aluminum products in most deodorants.  Exposure to aluminum has apparently been linked to such human ailments as Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases, as well as cancer.  With this new information, I was more than anxious to try the newer breast-cancer awareness deodorants that were popping up on the shelves of my local Target, where I usually purchase deodorant. 

I tried a couple of these aluminum-free deodorants much to my own disappointment.  That aluminum component must have been pulling some weight because without it, I might as well have been splashing water under my arms each morning because that was about the level of the deodorizing and antiperspiranto potency contained in these products.  There was one exception – Adidas aluminum-free deodorant.  Of all the breast-cancer awareness, aluminum-free deodorant products, this one was the best in my opinion.  I used it consistently.  Right up until the day it was taken off the shelf.  This always seems to happen whenever I adopt a new product, it gets discontinued. 

I vowed to purchase the Adidas product online.  But, I would need something in the meantime to replace it.  The most recent purchase from the store was Nature’s Gate herbal deodorant.  Needless to say, it is no Adidas.  I never got around to purchasing the Adidas product online.  Good thing too because I just did a search for it online and I don’t find it available for under about $12.00 ea. 

A couple of weeks ago, a girlfriend of mine told me that she had gone old school and was using baking soda for deodorant.  I say old school, because apparently baking soda was used as deodorant before there was deodorant.  I even asked my grandma and she told me that she used to use it.  According to my girlfriend, baking soda was strong enough to keep her fresh and, when used in conjunction with shea butter, even restored her skin tone under her arms where her skin had typically been darker than her natural complexion. 

I’ve decided to give it a try.  Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, has an alkaline quality that works to neutralize acids naturally, making it a trenchant deodorizer.  It sounds like a much stronger alternative to the aluminum-free products I’ve encountered of late.  Once I have tried it for myself, I will provide an update on its effectiveness.  It will be interesting to see if it’s a product that I can continue to use indefinitely without change to its effectiveness.    

Have you tried these or other natural alternatives to deodorants or other hygienic products?  What is your experience? 

TOUGH LIFE THURSDAYS is a self-development forum.  Again, this is likely to be biased toward my own experiences and desired self-improvement, but I hope it will evolve through input by you and others.



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2 responses to “Baking Soda – the Natural Deodorizer

  1. When I first tried to combat my excessive sweating, I got nowhere. I’d walk into the local pharmacy and buy up every antiperspirant I could find off the rack only to be disappointed with my results days later.

    It was a painful cycle of trial and error and I remember, after the ninth or tenth brand of deodorant I tried, I started to think there was just no product out there that could solve my sweating.

    Anyway, it took some time but I’m here to tell you that there ARE products out there that work. And after much exploration and testing, here are the 7 best deodorants for excessive sweating, giving you fast and effective results.

    After all my failures buying up the shelves at my local drugstore, I finally wised up and spoke candidly with my dermatologist about my excessive sweating woes. She told me I suffered from a fairly common condition called Hyperhidrosis.

    It caused me to sweat uncontrollably from the hands, armpits, face and feet no matter what temperature I was exposed to.

    The reason the average store brand deodorants weren’t being effective was because they didn’t contain enough of the active sweat stopping ingredient, Aluminum Chloride.

    This is pretty important for you to know…
    Aluminum Chloride is the active ingredient which blocks your pores from sweating profusely.

    Although there are numerous options for excessive sweating sufferers, the first one your should learn about is choosing the right deodorant.

    Here I’ll be giving you the 7 best deodorants for excessive sweating that packed just enough punch to get my perspiration under control.

    Bear in mind, most of them can be applied to your hands and feet as well as your armpits to minimize the sweating. I also mention specific facial sweating deodorants as well.

    1. Certain Dri – This is the weakest of the 7 deodorants in the list. However, it is a crucial first step. You don’t want to just grab the strongest antiperspirant off the shelf when you’re starting out or you’ll end up with irritated skin in no time. Certain Dri contains 12% Aluminum Chloride and is considered clinical strength. It’s a great first step when escalating to a stronger solution.

    2. Drysol – This prescription strength deodorant usually requires your Dermatologist’s approval but there are online stores where you can get it without the inconvenient doctor’s note requirement. Drysol contains a whopping 20% Aluminum Chloride and starts working after the first application. It’s not like regular deodorant though. You only apply Drysol once a night before bedtime. During the day, you may not want to apply a regular deodorant as irritation can occur with such a powerful topical in place.

    3. Deodorite – DeodoRite is a 100% safe and effective internal natural remedy for treating the underlying causes of body odor. The formula has been specially manufactured to improve the elimination of toxins from the body, promote healthy liver functioning and reduce excessive perspiration. It’s not a regular topical like most deodorants. You take it orally and it goes to work (Again, safely) regulating the toxins out of your body and decreasing your overall sweating.

    4. Maxim Facial Wipes – These are a facial sweating sufferer’s best friend. Maxim wipes are convenient wipes that contain topical deodorant mild enough to apply to your face. Just wipe them all over your face and the astringent goes to work, blocking sweat pores and solving your problem fast. I loved the results using these things.

    5. Secure Wipes – If Maxim wipes aren’t doing the trick for you, then Secure Wipes are your best bet for facial sweating. They come in degrees of strength with their medicine ranging from 1% – 4%. There are two warnings though with Secure Wipes. First, if you choose too strong a formula, you will have redness, rash and irritation occur. Start with 2% if Maxim Wipes don’t work for you and then scale up from there. Secondly, they are a bit more expensive than the Maxim Wipes but you get your money’s worth. The results are palpable.

    6. Driclor – This is a strong beast of a deodorant. Although it contains the same level of Aluminum Chloride as Drysol (20%), many people claim it dries them out where Drysol won’t. Here’s a very honest review. The itching, soreness, stinging and dry rash that I got were all terrible. You have to grit your teeth through the discomfort to get the results. That said, it definitely works!

    7. Odaban – I saved one of my favorites for last. Odaban is less abrasive than Drysol and Driclor. Plus, you can apply it to your face in small doses. It’s a topical that comes in spray for (Drysol and Driclor are roll-on topicals). Somehow, I found that is conditioned my body to stop sweating rather than shocking it into submission. You’ll need to use it for a week to feel the optimal effects.

  2. suprieta

    Thank you, Best Deodorants, for your very comprehensive comment. I think your comment may even be longer than my post, LOL! But, thanks for sharing – looks like useful information for those who find it difficult to find working deodorants.

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