Quicken Rental Property Manager – Discounts, Cash Back and Additional Value

This past weekend, I finally got around to purchasing Quicken Rental Property Manager.  Late last year, I decided to purchase the software since my husband would be taking our PC laptop on his deployment, along with my trial version of Microsoft Money.  But, after I bought my MacBook Pro, I discovered that Quicken did not make a Mac-compatible version of Rental Property Manager.   It seems that I’ve been burned one too many times by this scenario this year already, but that is a discussion for another day.  Since I think mild inconvenience is worth having the superior personal finance management software, I decided to do what I did for TaxAct and put the Quicken software on my work PC laptop.  

I saved $60 on my purchase of Quicken Rental Property.

Right now, Quicken is offering Rental Property Manager on its website at a $50 discount.  So the software, which normally sells for $149.99, is now $99.99 on the Quicken website.  I also got an additional $10 off the purchase price with a cash back offer at Fat Wallet, a website offering coupons and cash back for purchases at many online retailers, including Quicken. 

Through these deals, I purchased the software for only $89.99.   

Quicken also offers additional value to your purchase by including with your purchase the Quicken WillMaker Plus 2009 estate planning software and Quicken Legal Business Pro.

The Software

 I chose Quicken Rental Property Manager as opposed to other Quicken products because with Rental Property Manager I can track finances in three areas of interest for me:

·      Personal Finance

·      Rental Property

·      Business

The Personal Finance component helps you track your various personal accounts, including banking, credit cards and other debt and income sources.  I found set up to be very simple.  If you are comfortable entering your financial institution information to enable Quicken to download account information, the tracking and updating of this information is automated.  Otherwise, you can manually enter and update account information.

In setting up my accounts, I found that most of my financial institutions were recognized by Quicken, except FNBO Direct online bank.  Nor did Quicken recognize its brick- and-mortar branch, First National Bank of Omaha.  So, I had to enter the information from my FNBO Direct account manually.  The downside is that I will also have to update transactions to this account manually.

Quicken tracks Rental Property and Business functions.  For rental property, you can track such items as rents due and overdue, lease dates, and vacant units.   This function also tracks profits and losses, as well as income and expenses derived from your rental property.  In addition, you can track other business profits, losses, income and expenses in general. 

I expect these functions to help me stay organized through our rental property conversion and with Aspire to Grace, my sole proprietorship.  However, I don’t expect to use these functions right away.

One other feature, which adds additional value to this software is the Quicken Picks.  This feature provides access to online coupons, free offers, cash back and discount offers.  Quicken indicates that once $10 has accumulated in your account from cash back offers, it automatically sends you a check.

Are you looking for finance management software?  Have you tried Quicken?  Please share your comments in the comments section.    

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