Building a Blog Series: About Me

This week on TECHY TUESDAY, I continue my Building a Blog Series with my new addition to Aspire to Grace – the ‘About Me’ page. When I started this blog in January of this year, I created an ‘About this Site’ page, which you can access via the link at the top of this page. Now, I have added an ‘About Me’ page because I think it is important for an author to introduce herself to her audience. Here is what you will find on the “About Me” page also via the link of the same name at the top of this page:

Su Prieta

I am Su Prieta. My name is literally translated ‘his brown girl.’  My husband is of Puerto Rican descent and when speaking to me, his African-American wife, he will say, affectionately, ‘mi prieta’ or ‘my brown girl.’  Thus, when referring to myself, I am Su Prieta.

Aspire to Grace

Aspire to Grace is an outlet for me to offer valuable discussion in areas impacting my life outside of my profession. The name comes from my own aspiration to grow old gracefully.  In this way, I approach life, with all of its many facets.

The topics discussed on Aspire to Grace generally include issues in alternative and passive income, web technologies, relationships and self-development. Ultimately, these and other topics discussed on Aspire to Grace are issues that I have dealt with, am dealing with, or have questioned in my own personal experience.

I am here because of the many bloggers before me that have been an inspiration to me. I have learned a lot of very specific things from my blog following and hope to offer the same useful information for inquisitive minds that are searching for answers, or simply an apple to chew on.  The Internet is just one big long discussion, and I hope to perpetuate some of that discussion.

My Life

I won’t argue that I have a lot of special skills that make me uniquely equipped to dissect the issues and get to the final resolution on topics I discuss on Aspire to Grace.  I am just living life.

I am an attorney by trade but do not currently practice.  My profession is in telecommunications business consulting.  What I get from my education and professional training is the ability to ask, analyze and apply an appropriate response.

Sharing my own goals and experiences here helps me to stay accountable and creates momentum to keep me moving forward. I only hope that you are moving with me, and that together we are maneuvering gracefully through this messy life.

…..and One Last Thought as I Finish My Taxes

I actually cheered aloud last night as I finished my taxes upon my discovery of the Gainskeeper application in TaxAct. This feature imports all transaction information from your brokerage account, including stock buys, sells, dates, and cost basis.

Since a typical brokerage statement may contain stock transactions grouped by transaction type, you may have a page of stock buys and a separate page of stock sales. For purposes of your taxes, in order to figure capital gains and losses, you will need to match up stock buy dates with sell dates along with the cost basis and the buy and sell price in order to determine losses or gains.

For me, this could easily have been 30 minutes worth of work since I don’t personally keep a separate, more efficient record like I should.  But, thanks to Gainskeeper’s instantaneous compiling and uploading of stock transactions into the TaxAct tax form, 30 minutes worth of work was easily reduced to 1 minute.

If you are using TaxAct and have brokerage transactions to import, TaxAct will prompt you to use Gainskeeper.  It briefly appeared to me that I would have needed to set up Gainskeeper separately with my brokerage account, but I followed the TaxAct instructions for creating the Gainskeeper username and password for my brokerage firm and TaxAct did the rest.

TECHY TUESDAYS is a forum to discuss various technologies and web applications. I am currently hosting a series of posts called “Building a Blog.” This series discusses all of the things that I am doing to build this website. I will also discuss tips and suggestions for building your blog based on my own progress, as well as feed back from others. . If you like what you see here, please use the orange icon at the top right to receive updates by email or RSS reader.


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