The Longest Facebook Comment String

Facebook by benstein

Facebook by benstein

Yesterday, one of my elementary school classmates posted our sixth grade class picture on Facebook.  Now, I think I am witnessing one of the longest comment strings on a Facebook photo that I’ve ever seen, 64 comments and counting.  Really, its more like 76 because the photo is so large that my classmate had to divide the photo into halves and post each half as a separate picture.  There are twelve comments on the other half.  

So many of us from that photo have added two cents or more to the comment stream.  The conversation has been flowing all day.  So many memories, two fallen classmates and so many years later, we all just want to send a shout out, share our awkward memories and friend the people we haven’t already friended in one massive reconnection after all this time.  

Facebook rocks.

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4 responses to “The Longest Facebook Comment String

  1. J.t

    Ummm I have a pic and it has over 700 comments

  2. John

    lol ya same here I have one thats nearly in the thousands and still counting, all it is, is a school rugby pic with a bunch a ppl in it

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