Glimpse and a Plateau


Make Money Monday: Rental Property Conversion Series: On Monday, I will post about Staging Your Property for Show.  Once you are ready to convert a primary residence to a rental property, there are some steps that should be taken to prepare the property for show to prospective renters.  I will walk through some of the steps that I am taking, as well as other steps that may be necessary.  

Stay tuned for the full upcoming schedule for Aspire to Grace next week.  In the meantime, please let me know if you would like to have a forum on topics of interest to you in money, technology, relationships or self-development.  Please share your ideas in the comments section or, send me an email at 

A Plateau

I feel like I have reached a plateau with Aspire to Grace that calls for further action.  The number of unique readers everyday is hovering around the same number.  While I appreciate all of the support that I have been given, I have also envisioned Aspire to Grace reaching a much wider audience.  So, I have decided to try some additional marketing efforts. 

Right now, I get most of my traffic from Mixx and Google searches.  I feel comfortable promoting my site at Mixx and have gotten good responses from the links that I post there.  But, there are so many sites that are untapped for me like StumbleUpon and Xomba where I could do some additional writing and invite greater coverage for Aspire to Grace. 

I am also interested in attracting additional subscribers.  These days I am only attracting unique visitor traffic, which consists of visitors that come and go, oftentimes never to return.  I’d like to build a more loyal following through subscribership. 

So next week, in addition to my posts on the scheduled topics, I will need to find more time to do some additional marketing.  I will post about the marketing steps I take, as well as the results.  I hope to learn more about the benefits of these additional marketing methods and I hope to shed light on this process for the blog writers that will read my post. 

In addition to Mixx, I currently take the opportunity to comment on others’ blogs, when I have something meaningful to say, and have received referral traffic from those blogs.  But, again, I have reached a plateau of daily traffic in recent weeks and hope that by changing and increasing my marketing behavior, I can attract more traffic to Aspire to Grace. 

If you are experiencing a similar plateau on your blog, please share your ideas and reflections in the comments section.  

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