Blog Marketing, Marketing on Facebook, Star-Struck on Twitter

Last week, I mentioned having reached a plateau of traffic on Aspire to Grace in recent days.  In order to break through this plateau, I will need to step up my marketing efforts. 

On average, I receive between 10 & 20 unique visitors daily.  My referrals come from Aspire to Grace subscribers, as well as through my marketing efforts. 

My Marketing Efforts to Date

For the past two and a half months that this site has been live, I have used rather common marketing channels. 

I have marketed this site by commenting on other people’s blogs.  By commenting on another blog, I am usually leaving a fingerprint in the way of a link back to Aspire to Grace.  Through my comments, others can click thru to my website.  But I caution anyone leaving a comment on another blog as a way to gain exposure to be sure to leave a meaningful remark that addresses or responds to the specific information in the blogger’s post.  Meaningless rants in the comment section are often dismissed as spam and may not be published by the blog’s owner.   If your comment is not published, you can not benefit from a back link.   

My other marketing efforts include submissions to directories.  I have submitted 3 articles to the Ezine directory so far.  Two were duplicate articles from blog posts here on Aspire to Grace.  But, I soon learned of the detriment to search engine rankings of having identical posts in more than one location on the web.  So, my latest article, Beware of Miscellaneous Charges on Your Phone Bill is not a duplicate.  From now on, I will submit unique articles to directories.  By submitting unique articles, I gain more exposure for my writings while having the benefit of a back link from the directory page to my website through the associated link in my author information.

I have also made an article submission to a blog carnival.  This approach was a little more nebulous for me, however.  I made the submission back in March and although I received a submission confirmation, I haven’t received any additional information.  Furthermore, the date on which the carnival was scheduled to update has now passed with no updated information to the site. 

Next time, I’ll try a different carnival and perhaps more than one at a time.

Marketing On Facebook

My next move has been to create a Page on Facebook for Aspire to Grace.  Although I have a profile on Facebook already, I never wanted to market my website as part of my persona on Facebook.   I feel like we are all part of a bit of a captive audience as far as our friends are concerned on Facebook.  I would never want to use tactics that are distasteful to market my site.  There’s something about marketing to a captive audience that is quite unappealing. 

Tonight, I created a separate page for Aspire to Grace while logged in as myself.  As far as I can tell, the Aspire to Grace page has no apparent connection to my own profile except to the extent that I am the administrator and currently the only fan.  Although, I still haven’t figured out exactly how my profile will be linked to the Aspire to Grace page, if at all, I know that the connection won’t be too obvious or in-your-face.  So far, the pages coexist without any apparent connection.  The connection is made even less obvious to me considering I can’t even find the Aspire to Grace page without going to the Facebook menu at the bottom of my own profile page, choosing “Advertising” and then “managing existing pages” once inside that link. In setting up the separate page, I found Facebook’s application to be very user unfriendly – not very efficient.  

So far, I have included one post on the page, but will need to do more work to populate the page completely and promote it.  I will provide updates as to whether and how much this additional marketing method works toward breaking Aspire to Grace out of her plateau. 

Update: I discovered a Facebook application called Simplaris Blogcast to use as an additional marketing tool on Facebook.  While his application may provide more exposure, I may actually have just contradicted my intentions to market Aspire to Grace separately from my persona on Facebook.  With Simplaris Blogcast, I am effectively subscribed to this blog site through my Facebook page.  Updates are accessible on my profile page through the Blogcast tab.  Although there are updated blogcast notifications on my profile page, I don’t see the notifications on my friends pages.  Hopefully, it will not send notification to all of my friends pages once my blogcast updates everyday.  Ideally, the blogcast tab will be on my page and my friends can access at their own leisure.  I am inclined to keep the Aspire to Grace page I created also to allow access to those who are not subscribed to my profile on Facebook.   

Star-Struck on Twitter….

I am slightly ashamed to say that yesterday I got caught up in the Ashton Kutcher v. CNN twitter phenom… I became a fan of Ashton (aplusk) and now, Ashton is one if the 13 people that I am following… and strangely, I find that I am a little star-struck. 

This is quite disturbing considering that I haven’t actually met this star, I just feel strangely excited whenever I hear a tone on my tweet deck and discover that aplusk is on deck again. 

But, is he really tweeting that often?  I counted like 4 times in a 30 minute period.  Then I went from being strangely star-struck to taking odd comfort in knowing that, while aplusk has the downtime to tweet 4 times in 30… oops 5 times, there goes another…. I am on a tighter schedule with less time on my hands.  But then again, that could just be because I actually work for a living. 

TECHY TUESDAYS is a forum to discuss various technologies and web applications.  This post is part of a series called “Building a Blog.”  This series discusses all of the things that I am doing to build this website.  I will also discuss tips and suggestions for building your blog based on my own progress, as well as feed back from others.  If you like what you see here, please use the orange icon at the top right to receive updates by email or RSS reader.  


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