Development – Back On, Tweet Nice

Back On Schedule

Last week in Development Interrupted, I questioned whether the indiscrete signature block would cause further delay in this two-year development.  Instead, today, I see that they have cleaned up the graffiti and have moved forward with building the staircases.  I had a nice photo of the improvement but the image is not cooperating.  So, I have to ask you to use a little imagination, return to my previous post, and imagine the same building, with no signature.  

Nice work guys!  Moving right along according to schedule. 

All You Gotta Do Is Be Nice

Yesterday, I was alienated on Twitter.  Not a big deal really.  Once I unsubscribed to this person’s blogs and stopped following this person on Twitter, I felt a lot better. 

Anyone who knows me, knows that my humor is about as dry as old bread, except when you don’t know me and have never interacted with me.  Then, I’m not so much looking for dryness, but a little courtesy, at least in the beginning, and especially when I am supporting you and your business.  I think the general rule should be that if you are on Twitter, you should assume that everyone is a writer or content distributor and that anything you say or do will be published the next day. 

Now, generally, I’m not a tattle tale and I don’t like to name names so I won’t.  I will just tell you, in a general, that this person is a professional blogger, also known as a Problogger.

So, this is what happened.  Yesterday, I was on Twitter for all of 10 minutes, which is about my average in a week these days.  I am trying to be more ‘proactive’ in building a network on social networking websites, yada, yada.  I first responded, albeit late, to a girl that had sent me a direct message.  Then I noticed a question from this Problogger person.  It was something to the effect of being in a book store and wanting to buy a book.  This person asked for recommendations.  Harmless. 

 Well, although I haven’t read any good books lately, I had just purchased a book online on the same day.  I purchased BoneMan’s Daughters by Ted Dekker.  It is a dark tale about an Iraqi veteran who discovers that his daughter has been kidnapped by a serial killer.  Only, at some point in the story he winds up suspected of being the serial killer.  It promises to be an intensely thrilling, and bone-chilling horror story.  No pun intended. 

Just to give you a little background, I had been looking for more of these types of stories, not because I am an overly morbid individual, but because I thrive on the adrenaline rush I get from reading these types of novels.  Right now, my number one adrenaline-provoking favorite is Intensity by Dean Koontz.  I have been looking for novels that can match that intensity.  Again, no puns.

Anyway, since this problogging individual had asked for a recommendation, I offered up Boneman since it was fresh on my mind and with a qualifier about its morbidity.  He responds quite dryly, something about needing to stop asking these sorts of questions and that the richness and numerousness of my recommendation nearly paralyzed him… er, uh, this person.

Anyway, it was a minor, minor slight, but enough to piss me off.  Maybe he was being funny, maybe he wasn’t.  Maybe he’s just an ass.  It doesn’t matter really, I immediately signed off of all of this person’s brands.  

Now, maybe this person cares, and maybe this person doesn’t, but in order to earn my following, and loyal business, all you gotta do is be nice. 


TOUGH LIFE THURSDAYS is a self-development forum.  It takes from my own experiences and desired self-improvement, and I hope it will evolve through input by you and others.  If you like what you see here, please use the orange icon at the top right to receive updates by email or RSS reader.  

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