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This site hosts forums for discussions on various topics in business, alternative income sources, technology and web applications, marriage, personal relationships and personal development.  The following is the current schedule I am following for these discussions, but I expect these forums to evolve and change over time.  Your feedback is very important to me and to this site.  Your comments and questions will inspire me to move forward and address the issues that you care about.  I hope that you can obtain valuable information from this website.  Also, feel free to contact me by email at suprieta@gmail.com.

MAKE MONEY MONDAYS is a forum to discuss ways in which you can create additional sources of income.  I try to focus on particular ideas and steps you can take to create alternative income and passive income sources.  I have also begun a series of posts called “Rental Property Conversion.”  This series follows my husband and I as we turn our property into a rental property.  I will also research and post other useful information in this category.

TECHY TUESDAYS is a forum to discuss various technologies and web applications.  I am currently hosting a series of posts called “Building a Blog.”  This series discusses all of the things that I am doing to build this website.  I will also discuss tips and suggestions for building your blog based on my own progress, as well as feed back from others.

WEDDED BLISS WEDNESDAYS discusses marital and relationship issues.  Although this is likely to be biased toward my own experiences in marriage and with relationships, I hope that you will join the discussion, ask questions, and suggest topics that you are interested in discussing.

TOUGH LIFE THURSDAYS is a self-development forum.  Again, this is likely to be biased toward my own experiences and desired self-improvement, but I hope it will evolve through input by you and others.

LITE FARE FRIDAYS is anything that I think is interesting and feel like discussing.  I will try to keep it light just in time for the weekend!

For now, the weekends are my down time, time for me to put my energy into improving Aspire to Grace…. not to mention my time to have a personal life!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I hope to hear from you.  Also, if you like what you are reading here, please use the orange RSS icon at the top right to receive my content updates via email or feed reader.  You may also look for this orange icon at the top of each post on the right hand side.  

I hope you enjoy and participate in these discussions!




2 responses to “about this site

  1. Anthony A

    Good job with the site.

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