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Glimpse and Round Up


I’ve been bouncing around a few topics that I’d like to discuss next week.  I would love to hear your feedback:

·      What are some of the ways that you would prepare for unemployment if you knew about it beforehand?

·      Since I’m always a late bloomer, I will just be getting around to choosing a tax software/service this weekend.  If you are one of the early birds, did you use a tax software?  If so and you use a Mac, which software did you choose?

·      I’m just getting to the middle of the current deployment with my husband.  This one is different because we were married and in one home before he left this time, unlike the last one.  I will share how this deployment has been different for me.  Are there any military spouses that can shed some light on this topic?

·      Courtesy on the road – Shouldn’t it be a priority?  How important is courtesy to you when driving?

Round Up

The following are some stories that caught my attention this week.  These posts highlight my own mindset this week: namely building up this blog, splitting my time between blogging and my other life commitment, and my own preparation to transition to a home office once I move to Mississippi.  Even though I am not actually leaving my job to work from home, I would imagine that there will be many similarities for anyone working in a home office.  

LITE FARE FRIDAYS is anything thing that I feel like discussing on that day.  I will try to keep it light just in time for the weekend!


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Mind Over Stomach

There are generally three areas in a woman’s life where her mind is at odds with her stomach: Food, Men and Money.

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